Thursday, October 19, 2017

Heyweb - a website builder for small local businesses

Earlier this year Jonatan and I launched a new company called Heyweb. (Breakit wrote about it here.)

Heyweb is a simple but powerful website service for small local businesses, like hair salons, cafés, flower shops, antique stores etc.

These small businesses usually have very little time and money to spend on building and maintaining their websites.

Our solution for these small businesses is a super simple service that creates a nice looking website based on the information they already post on Facebook and Instagram. With Heyweb these businesses can get a website up and running in 15 seconds.

Once the site is up and running, it will automatically pull in news from their Facebook page, and images from their Instagram account. In this way, the website is automatically kept up to date, with no work required.

Businesses that use Heyweb for their website include

Most of our customers are currently in the United Kingdom, but we have customers from all over the world. Check out Heyweb here.

This is what the Knackeriet website looks like. See below :)

Monday, October 16, 2017

Spa hotels around the world

Four years ago - almost exactly on this day! - Jonatan and I released our first boutique hotel website. We had a big party in a grand suite at Lydmar Hotel, a nice hotel in Stockholm. 

In the picture you can see Jonatan preparing the last few things on the website, before the guests arrived to the party. :)

Today Jonatan and I are releasing a few similar websites but with a different theme. It took four years but now, finally, we will also help people find the best spa hotels.

Spa hotels are hotels that people go to in order to relax an unwind. 

Our Swedish website, Spa Hotels Sweden, guides you to 137 spa hotels around Sweden. It is rather inspirational to browse around -  check it out and I am sure you will find some wonderful spa retreats that you would like to visit this fall. :)

And if you are into spa experiences in big cites, you can find spa hotels in Istanbul, spa hotels in Paris or perhaps spa hotels in Berlin

Personally I would recommend some classic spa hotels towns for example in Poland - like spa hotels in Sopot, or Estonia with spa hotels in Pärnu

Or if you want to dream away to the mediterranean, why not check out spa hotels on the Amalfi Coast, on Mykonos, or in Sicily. Ahh... Not too bad.

If you go to the Belmond Hotel on the Amalfi Coast - please let me know what it was like. Thank You. It looks kind of nice, but perhaps a bit pricey.

Or if you find some other super nice spa retreats with our help, let us know. :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Boutique hotels in Montenegro

My friend and colleague Jonatan went to Montenegro this summer. He fell got so exited about the country that he put together a website and guide to the best boutique hotels in Montenegro.

Since a while back we also have a similar site with the best boutique hotels in Croatia, the neighbouring country. Have a look!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Stora Knackeriet i Gamla Stan!

Jo, KNACKERIET heter det coworking space i Stockholm för kreatörer, designers och entreprenörer som jag numera driver. Det blev utsett till "Best Office Space in Sweden" 2015!

Som många av er säkert hört så har vi nu tagit över ytterligare en historiskt intressant lokal i Gamla Stan. I "Nummerlotteriets Hus" huserade hovskalden Carl Michael Bellman från 1776 och fram till sin död. Fastigheten är ett Statligt Byggnadsminne, det starkaste kulturhistoriska skydd bebyggelse i Sverige kan åtnjuta.

Vi har ett två våningsplan i huset, totalt cirka 600 kvadratmeter. Huset vätter mot Cepheus-gården, en av Stockholms vackraste och mest intressanta innergårdar.

På det nedre planet har vi i huvudsak flex-platser (och ett litet antal fasta platser). På det övre planet har vi egna rum för startups, med ungefär 3-6 anställda.

Så... om du är i behov av ett kontor  - och vill bli del av en fantastiskt fin gemenskap! - gå gärna in på och kontakta oss där. Hos oss sitter bland annat designers, formgivare, web-entreprenörer, web-utvecklare, en journalist, ett gäng digitala psykologer och beteendevetare. Det viktigaste är att ni är trevliga/kul/intressanta individer som vill bidra till gemenskapen. :)

PS. skrev nyligen lite om Knackeriet här.
Och här är lite mer information om fastigheten:

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Opening hours, Horarios, Horaires, Offnungszeiten etc!

I'm doing my best to help people find opening hours to businesses around the world. Check out: - Switzerland - Switzerland - Switzerland - Canada - the Netherlands - the Netherlands -  the Netherlands - the US - Finland - Mexico - Spain - Belgium  - Belgium  - Belgium

Friday, December 2, 2016

Varning för Erik Andsberg och Cavalio

Ett företag (Cavalio AB) som tog öven en lokal av mig i Gamla Stan i Stockholm försökte underlåta att betala överlåtelseavgiften. VD: Erik Andsberg. Eftersom samhällsekonomin bygger på förtroende, och att företag håller avtal, så tycker jag att det är värt att varna andra för dem. Ska skriva lite mer om detta inom kort.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Explore places in New Zealand

Today I'm launching Heyplaces in New Zealand. Find sushi restaurants, beaches, hair dressers and popular places in general!

New Zealand looks like a beautiful place indeed. Here is a nice beach for example, called Otama Beach. Just one of the first I stumbled upon. If you find some place in New Zealand that looks amazing, please write a comment :)

Now, dig in and start exploring the best cafés, bars, hotels, motels, restaurants, sushi, pizza, vego, hostels, bed and breakfast, camping, beaches, shops, vintage, companies, golfing, bowling, yoga, bakeries, tattoo, gyms, hairdressers, spa, beauty, nail salons, dentist, health clinics , massage, sports, schools, auto shops, car wash, car rental, libraries, theaters, museum and galleries in New Zealand.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Horarios de apertura en América Latina!

Hace unas semanas lancé en España un sitio web llamado Mediante, el usuario puede consultar diferentes horarios de apertura de diversas empresas españolas. Hoy tengo el placer de lanzar varios sitios web similares para América del Sur! 

Bienvenido a:
Gracias Anna Caliz por ayudarme con las traducciones. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Hey Philippines!

Today I'm launching in the Philippines. guides you to more than 400.000 interesting places in the Philippines. Like italian restaurants in Manila, hotels in Ceby City, spas in Puero Galera or perhaps advertising agencies in Quezon City.

I've never been to the Philippines, but it looks amazing.

If you didn't know, around 100 million people live in the Philippines. Out of those, around 44 million are on the internet. 60 million speak English. The capital, Manila (the metropolitan area), has more than 11 million inhabitants. And more than 10 Starbucks cafés. :)

Dig in and start exploring cafés, bars, hotels, restaurants, sushi, pizza, vego, hostels, bed and breakfast, beaches, shops, vintage, companies, golfing, bowling, yoga, bakeries, tattoo, gyms, hairdressers, spa, beauty, nail salons, dentist, health clinics , massage, sports, schools, auto shops, car wash, car rental, libraries, theaters, museum and galleries in the Philippines!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Opening hours in Spain & Australia

Today I launched two new sites with opening hours. This time in Spain and Australia.

Have a look at:
It will be fun to see how many people they can help in these countries. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Good morning America!

Where can you get great answers to questions like these:
Now there's an app for that. Or, rather, a website, or actually... 40 websites. guides you to over 8 million places in the US. It works great on your smartphone, on your computer, iPad - or device of your choice.

Neat huh?

America is an amazing place! Dig in and start exploring cafés, bars, hotels, motels, restaurants, sushi, pizza, vego, hostels, bed and breakfasts, camping, beaches, shops, vintage, companies, golfing, bowling, yoga, bakeries, tattoo, gyms, hairdressers, spas, beauty, nail salons, dentist, health clinics, massage, schools, pharmacy, auto shops, car wash, car rental, libraries, theaters, museumgalleries and antique stores all over the US!

Launching in America has been my biggest challenge to date. Much more difficult than launching in countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Australia och India. Let me know if you are interested in the technical details. :)