Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Web Startups in Stockholm

As you might have heard I have a startup with two awesome coders from Uppsala. Tripbirds.com can be described as Tripadvisor for the Facebook generation. It can also be described as a new generation Dopplr. We participated at Seedcamp Stockholm and the response was beyond my imagination.

From now on I will not longer be a laptop nomad. This is a big change for me. We are looking for:
  • Great Python-coders based in Stockholm.
  • A great Designer / User Interaction designer.
  • A cool office close to Gamla Stan, Slussen or lower Kungsholmen. We have an super-nice office in Gamla Stan.
Tripbirds is different from all the things I've done in the past; the potential is much bigger (global) - and it's also a bigger gamble. We are going for it 100%.

One thing we would like to have is an overview of all other web startups in Stockholm. We want Tripbirds to be part of the Stockholm startup community. For a long time I've been dreaming of something like Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley or Silicon Roundabout in Stockholm. (= A neighbourhood where all the cool startups have offices and hang out.)

So we started creating a list on Twitter with all Stockholm startups. So far it contains 40 startups. If you know any other Stockholm startups (public or in stealth mode) please ping @tripbirds on Twitter!

Don't forget to sign up for Tripbirds. If you know any outstanding python-coders or Stockholm-based designers let us know, too. :)