Monday, October 21, 2019

The Castle Hotels Guide is finally here

Finally it is time to launch a website I have been working on for many months.

It is a website for finding the best castle hotels - and it is called

I'm quite proud of it, and think it is perhaps the best castle hotels site in the world, already.

Since the word "castle" can mean somewhat different things to different people - and in different countries - I have also included hotels in old manor houses, palaces, monasteries, "herrgårdar", "säterier", french "relais" and historic buildings in general.

This is, therefore, a website for finding hotels in castles and in other buildings with "castle-ness". And that is really the point. When people are searching for castle hotels, what they are looking for is usually historic countryside hotelsromantic hotelswedding venues etc.

To find the best castles and palaces we use a combination of algoritms and "hand-picked" curation.  Thank you Anna Pinto!

This is the first version of the site, that we are launching today. But we will of course continue to make it better, both content-wise, copy-wise and in it's functions, of course. Currently there is no map, for example - something that will be fixed shortly. :)

Hope you all enjoy this site, I am super happy that it is finally live!

You can use it to find hotels in Sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg etc) and in Europe (Cork, Dublin, Frankfurt, Galway, Kent, London, Munich, Oban Scotland, Vienna, Wicklov Ireland, York) and in the rest of the world!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Tennis hotels around the world

Apart from playing ping-pong, I also really LOVE to play tennis. However, finding a place to play tennis in a big city like Stockholm is fairly difficult. Especially if you are looking for an outdoor tennis court.

To help with this problem I had to create a dedicated website for finding the best hotels with tennis courts around the world. I do think it is the best of its kind around - showing you the actual pictures of the tennis courts, and explaining in some detail about the tennis facilities at the hotels.

You can use the site to find amazing tennis hotels in places like LondonDubaiSan FranciscoBangkok and Las Vegas, and many more places.

 Hotels with tennis courts

For example, in my hometown of Stockholm, there is a hotel in the middle of the city that has a free outdoor tennis court for its guests. So nice. That tennis court also happens to be the oldest tennis court in Sweden, so you have to check it out if you are in Stockholm.

You can also look at hotels with pools - in places like London, Barcelona, Rome, New York and Madrid - that I recently created with the help from a friend here at Knackeriet.