Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Explore places in New Zealand

Today I'm launching Heyplaces in New Zealand. Find sushi restaurants, beaches, hair dressers and popular places in general!

New Zealand looks like a beautiful place indeed. Here is a nice beach for example, called Otama Beach. Just one of the first I stumbled upon. If you find some place in New Zealand that looks amazing, please write a comment :)

Now, dig in and start exploring the best cafés, bars, hotels, motels, restaurants, sushi, pizza, vego, hostels, bed and breakfast, camping, beaches, shops, vintage, companies, golfing, bowling, yoga, bakeries, tattoo, gyms, hairdressers, spa, beauty, nail salons, dentist, health clinics , massage, sports, schools, auto shops, car wash, car rental, libraries, theaters, museum and galleries in New Zealand.