Thursday, August 27, 2015


Today I am launching some new websites. In the beautiful country of Canada. guides you to more than 600.000 interesting venues in Canada.

Here, for example, are the hottest cafés in the Fashion District of Toronto. And the sushi looks great in Vancouver... perhaps with a bit more variation than here in Stockholm.

So dig in and start exploring local businesses in Canada: cafésbarshotelsmotelsrestaurantssushipizzavegohostelsbed and breakfastcampingbeachesshopsvintagecompaniesgolfingbowlingyogabakeriestattoogymshairdressersspabeautynail salonsdentisthealth clinics chiropractorsmassagesportsschoolspharmacyauto shopscar washcar rentallibrariestheatersmuseum and galleries.

Thanks to Canadian citizen Nina McEvenue for legal help.

Canada stretches over many multiple time zones, which was a new challenge, displaying correct opening hours and so on. The sites are initially in English but will soon support French as well.

If you have some Canadian friends, let them know about the sites. Thanks :)