Monday, October 25, 2021

KNACKERIET wins "Best Coworking Space in Stockholm" for 5th time!

Knackeriet recently won the title "Best Coworking Space in Stockholm". This time it was independent reviewers at Surf Office that listed Knackeriet as the #1 coworking space in all of Stockholm. 

This was the fifth time that Knackeriet was listed as the best coworking space in Sweden and/or Stockholm, by different publications. We feel very humbled.

A big thanks to all the members who are making Knackeriet what it is. Here are some pictures from Knackeriet from the last few months!

We also have some really exciting news to share, very soon. So stay tuned!

Here is the link to the Surf Office article, and here are some other places where we have been listed as the best coworking space in Stockholm / best coworking space in Sweden. 

Monday, June 21, 2021

Romantic Hotels

My latest website project is a website that helps people find romantic hotels. It's called and I think it is one of the best sites I have created so far. 

To me there is a strong correlation between romantic hotels and hotels that are nice in general. 

The most romantic hotel in Stockholm right now is Lydmar Hotel. In Gothenburg, it is a strong competition between Hotel Pigalle and Dorsia. In Berlin, the top two hotels (Schlosshotel Berlin and Provocateur Berlin) both look AMAZING. 

Here are some romantic hotels on the Amalfi Coast.

Maybe it's just me, but these are hotels where I would really like to stay.

I hope you like this site as much as I do. 

I would be very happy if you would like to give me some feedback on it. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Cyber cowboys

Min vän Jonatan Heyman och jag är med i det senaste avsnittet av Anna Leijons blogg Techskaparna.

Anna sökte upp oss för att hon ville veta mer om vår sajt men podden blev ett samtal om mer än så - både om framgångar och motgångar och olika projekt som Jonatan och jag drivit under de senaste tio åren. 

Eftersom podden spelades in på distans låter Jonatan och jag lite burkigare än vi gör i verkligheten (?). 

Anna beskriver glatt att Jonatan och jag är som två cyber cowboys som lekt vilda västern på internet sedan begynnelsen. Den beskrivningen är det väl bara att omfamna? 

Det är ju något lite arkaiskt över det. Och så kan det ju kännas! Tiden går fort på internet. :)

Men i alla fall. Om ni är intresserade av vad Jonatan och jag håller på med, gå in och lyssna!

Anna driver också ett flera egna egna digitala tjänster, tex Flowby och Téamo, vilket hon berättar om i podden också. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Golf, nature and eco-hotels

A few new websites! This time for finding good hotels for golf players. Like golf hotels in Scotland, Portugal or Gran Canaria. There also a new website for eco-friendly hotels. Use it to find eco-friendly hotels in Bali, Tulum or Goa. Last but not least... a whole website dedicated to finding nature hotels. Like hotels for hiking, hotels for fishing in Canada, hotels for cycling, horse-riding and canoeing. And surf-hotels and dive-hotels!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Wolt promo code: "KARTA"

I am using the app WOLT, probably the best app European app for ordering take-away and home delivery of from restaurants and grocery-stores. It's an app i truly recommend!

If you would also like to try out Wolt, you will get 12-15 Euros in rebate on your first orders by using the promo code "KARTA". 

You can click on this link to get to the Wolt download page where you get the promo code. 

You will get 12-15 Euros in rebate on your first orders (either €6 on two orders or €5 on three orders). 

wolt promo code GALAXY

Hope you enjoy it!