Saturday, May 12, 2012

Stockholm Startup Hack

Before the crowds arrived this morning...

And the "Hello and welcome" by Javve, Jocke and Martina:

The hacking has now begun. Follow #sthlmstartuphack on twitter!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Proud sponsor of Stockholm Startup Hack

I am really happy to announce that I am sponsoring Stockholm Startup Hack with a really cool venue for Saturday's hack! The previous venue was amazing too but since more than a hundred people applied, the hack really needed a bigger venue.

click for larger image

So... I'm super happy to sponsor the hack with "Lägenheten". It's a huge, charming, Berlin-style apartment right by Mariatorget. I have such a great feeling for this place. I'm thinking it might be the mother of all hacker-venues.

Haven't heard about Stockholm Startup Hack? Well, you should have. It's a full day event taking place tomorrow (Saturday 12/5 2012). Participants in teams of one to three will get 12 hours to create something amazing, using their hacking skills alone. The event itself is a real grass roots hacker initiative, co-organized by three great individuals; Martina of Tripbirds, Jocke of Wrapp and Javve of Mynewsdesk. A bunch of other startups are sponsoring with things like snacks (iZettle) breakfast (TicTail) and venue (um, me)!

Here is the schedule:
  • 08.00 Breakfast
  • 08.45 Welcome and hello
  • 09.00 Hack begins
  • 12.00 Lunch
  • 18.00 Dinner
  • 21.00 Hack ends
  • 21.15 Presentations – each team gets 90 seconds to pitch and show their hack.
  • 23:00 Let’s head out!
If you are participating, please bring:

I had no idea, but with so many hackers in one place the actual Wi-Fi frequency band might get clogged up. The solution is to A) use a network cable to one of the 4G modems or B) use your phone's 3G connection with a cable. Got it?

If you are a journalist or have some other purpose to hang around, contact Martina Elm for press  accreditation. :)

If you think this sounds amazing, you should totally apply fo 24 Hour Business Camp, 10-12 June at Hasseludden Yasuragi. The last day to apply to 24hbc is TODAY. (friday 11/5).

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tripbirds + Facebook = ♥

Facebook Developer Garage is coming to Stockholm. This is an event organized by the folks at Facebook and co-hosted by... (yes, you heard it right)... Tripbirds.

Learn more about building sites with a great Facebook integration, and mingle with people from Facebook. May 23 at Färgfabriken. It will probably fill up quickly, so sign up here.

Fun people coming to 24HBC

On friday 11/5 is the last day to apply for 24 Hour Business Camp, the hackathon that I founded in 2009.  I have written more about the camp here. 24HBC is organized by .SE this year. (Check out the 24hbc blog.) 

My role this year is as an advisor (and a participant!) so I have not seen the applications we have gotten so far. But still, here are some fun and really nice people that I know have applied...

  • Jonas Lejon. One of Sweden's most well-known hacker/entrepreneurs? Built more than 20 sites in his spare time - though he actually has a day job. An advocate for open data and NoSQL. Blogs at Utvbloggen.
  • Susanne Jarl. Enjoys life when she is deploying code in the middle of the night. Runs, one of Sweden's largest recipe websites. She also builds apps. Blogs at
  • Arvid Janson. Founder and CTO of Hoa's Tool Shop and arranger of Health Hack Day. Does front end design, HTML5/CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, and iOS development. The whole package. Also, check out his latest amazing project, Streetheart. Blogs at
  • Andrey Zhukov. Developer at Toca Boca. In 1999 he started one of the earliest software companies in Ukraine. Worked at Valtech, studied at KTH and SSES. Blogs at
  • Raiha Buchanan. Digital marketing manager at House of Radon. Studied e-commerce at Hyper Island, where she founded the e-commerce site Swedish Fresh. Also been head of marketing for Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden, and much much more. Portfolio and blog at
  • Erik Pettersson. Designer, front end and back end developer. Currently at Improove. Has created Tå and last week he created Pingalytics - a mashup of Pingdom and Google Analytics. (Have to check that out.) Blogs at
  • Popdevelop. An awesome developer team from Malmö. Just created Popfaktura - a sleek invoice payment solution. Have also created, a webshop with customizable skins for tech devices. Blogs at

Yupp, that was just some of the people I know are coming. Sounds like fun, right? I have no idea what people are planning to build. But it doesn't really matter. My experience is that great people is the most important ingredient for a great hack!

This is not the complete list - just some people I know have applied. It is not too late to apply - you can also apply for 24hbc here. The deadline is on friday 11/5.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fireside chat about startups in Sweden

Sat down for a "fireside chat" with Annika Lidne of Disruptive Media. If you have 35 minutes make a big cup of tea and tune in. If you have less time you can skip to

1.59 - about "porridge" entrepreneurs!
26.30 - about the need for 24 hour business camp
35.00 - about the current startup climate in Sweden