Thursday, July 30, 2009

Badkartan nu som iPhone-app

Nu finns Badkartan som iPhone-app att ladda ner i App Store! Riktigt bra att ha om man semestrar i Sverige.

Appen bygger på mitt kartsajts-API och är utvecklad helt fristående av mobilutvecklingsföretaget Mobiento. Detta är en första version av appen. Tanken är att den ska vidarutvecklas för alla kartsajterna så att det även kommer gå att skriva recensioner och ladda upp bilder direkt från telefonen. Läs mer hos Dagens Media.

För dem som inte har en iPhone så finns sedan tidigare även och de andra mobilanpassade versionerna av sajterna, och som jag skrev om för ett par för ett par veckor sedan så finns en del ny spännande iphone-anpassning även där.

Friday, July 24, 2009, a search engine for auctions

Now, when the Google-controversy is finally over, it feels great to once again be able to focus on the things that I enjoy doing. Developing websites and fun new concepts!

Today I'm proud to launch a brand new website., Sweden's first search engine specifically for auctions!

At the moment, we index five Swedish auction websites (Metropol, Auktionshuset, Lauritz, Brabud och Tradera) but a bunch of other auction houses will be added to our index in the coming weeks. I think Auktionsfynda has every possibility to become a popular Swedish website. If you didn't know, auctions are a big deal.

I'm developing this website with two friends: Henrik Berggren and David David Kjelkerud. For me personally this is a bit of a new step.

Henrik and David caught my attention at 24 hour business camp, where they developed together with Eric Wahlforss of

About a week ago Henrik and David also released the the super-sleek website which is perhaps the coolest mashup I've ever seen developed in less than 24 hours. (It took them 15 hours to be exact.) As you understand, I'm happy to work with these people!

Moreover, we have recruited another excellent person for Auktionsfynda. My mother.

Neta is actually a veteran in the auction business; for more than a decade she ran an antique store in Stockholm called Tidlös Antik. My mother will be in charge of the Auktionsfynda blog, writing about auctions, giving people hands-on advice on how to make good bargains, and answering peoples auction-related questions. A lot like John Pohlman does at, but hopefully a bit more entertaining for regular people.

Want to know more? Read the article by Paula Marttila at Arctic Startup. As you might understand, we will fix bugs and add more functionality in the coming weeks and months. If you have some ideas or find some bugs in need of fixing, let us know!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yupp, they are back

Try searching for Badkartan or Blå Lagunen, Fårösund, and you should see some results from Badkartan.

So I guess I'm back in business and can finally start concentrating on what I hopefully do best; improving and developing my websites. That would really be wonderful. Some people seem to think I was happy about all of this attention lately. Trust me, I was not.

Thank you Matt Cutts. And thank you bloggers, twitterers, journalists, Google-employees and all others who have supported my work and my websites. I will soon write a longer blog post, outlining all of the lessons I've learned in the last two months.

But first of all I will celebrate with a coffee and kanelbulle at il caffè. And a bit of coding on a new web service that will hopefully be released this week. :)

And for all you black-hat and grey-hat SEO:s out there. Here's a nice video with Matt on how to be white-hat instead. This is the way in which I want to think about search engine optimization.

PS. There were some comments on the previous post that I did not activate, since that was mostly a direct conversation with Matt. Sorry for that, and hope for your understanding.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Direct feedback from Matt Cutts

I'm breaking my usual pattern and will write this post in English.

As you might have heard, many of my websites* were blacklisted by Google about two months ago. These "wiki-style" Google Maps mashups sites previously had around 50.000 weekly visitors in Sweden, which is quite a lot for a small country. They have rapidly become really popular, with a lot of people adding reviews and pictures and helping out with updates and additions. The sites are, after about a year in existence, by far the most comprehensive in Sweden when it comes to listing for example sushi restaurants, beaches, cafés and churches.

The main reason the sites have become popular is because each specific "interest" has it's own specific web site. **

The blacklisting came as a real surprise to me as I was quite sure my sites didn't break any of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. The issue has since been discussed in the Google Webmaster Support forum, and Swedish Google employee Fredrik Andersson (based in Dublin) referred to the blacklisting as being due to duplicate content. Most people agree that this was incorrect. The sites have very little duplicate content, and Fredriks arguments were not actually about duplicated content, but about "too many of the sites turning up in the search results". Which is basically a result of their popularity.

A lot of people in Sweden thought the blacklisting was unfair, and that the search results in Sweden became a lot worse when these sites were excluded. One Google employee even claimed in Dagens Industri (a major business newspaper) that the blacklisting was a mistake. Nothing happened, however. Yesterday swedish journalist Andreas Ekström blogged about it again.

Now here is what is really exciting. In the comments to Andreas blogg post is Matt Cutts:

" Hi Andreas, my name is Matt Cutts and I’m the head of the webspam team at Google. Although we haven’t communicated as much as people might like externally, we have been discussing this situation quite a bit within Google.

One of the key things that we want Google’s search results to have is a diverse set of different websites. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, we were seeing an unusually large number of Ted’s sites showing up for some searches, which can cause a poor user experience if the results aren’t diverse. I hope to have a chance to discuss this situation with all the relevant people within Google over the next few days.

Google might not always communicate as often as some people would like, but we do listen to the feedback that we get and appreciate it–even when it comes in the form of criticism."

This seems to be the real Matt Cutts, for sure. Wow. Obviously these questions have gone along way, and it seems like the jury is still out on the whole issue. Oh, how I hope the "relevant people" that Matt mentions are Larry Page and Sergey Brin!

So, Matt, if you are reading this:

  1. First of all I want you to know that I love Google. I am a vocal supporter of the Google ecosystem and try to encourage developers in Sweden, young and old, to join it.
  2. I agree with you that too many similiar sites on the same search result page is a problem, and I should have been more attentive to these problems from the beginning. Now I have taken a bunch of measures to fix these unintentional results. It is my goal, too, that the Google search results remain relevant.
  3. However, I think it was wrong of you to kill my business without notice, because of a somewhat vague problem that was not mentioned in the webmaster guidelines.
  4. Next time you see a problem like this, wouldn't it be better to change the guidelines first, (and give people a chance to adapt) before you start blacklisting websites.
  5. And I know this might sound like something against your policy... but; wouldn't it have been easier to send me an email asking me to fix this, in the first place, if I wasn't actually breaking any guidelines? I'm sure the people who reviewed my sites know quite well that I'm not a "black hat" SEO. I would have been happy to comply to any suggested changes.
Thank you Matt, for showing up in the swedish bloggosphere. For all of you who havn't seen Matt, here's his latest video :)


*,,,,,,,,,, and were all blacklisted, and can not be found even when searching for very obvious search terms like cafekartan. They are still left in the index but their value has been set to close to zero., and were not blacklisted.

** There's even a website for swedish air plane enthusiasts, where Swedish pilots review landing fields in Sweden! All these different sites have a common user login, so people can easily review things from different maps. The goal has been to in due time open up the platform so that anybody, anywhere, can create their own map-communites. A lot like, but for maps. (My working name for this is As with and, you can let your community reside on a subdomain, like or, or you can connect your own top domain to it, like I have done with these initial maps.)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Positionering i webbläsaren på iPhone.

Det här är stort. Den senaste versionen av Firefox kommer med inbyggd geo-positionering. Tidigare har man kunnat få geopositionering i webbläsaren genom att installera olika plugins. Det är få vanliga webbanvändare som håller på med sånt men nu kommer alltså geo-positionering på bred front, som inbyggd standard.

Även den senaste versionen av webbläsaren i iPhone har geopositioneringen inbyggd, så nu i helgen har jag uppdaterat koden på de mobil-anpassade versionerna av mina kartsajter.

Hur funkar det? Jo, gå in på exempelvis, eller med din iPhone, så kommer denna ruta att ploppa upp:

... tryck på OK, och du får upp wifi-ställen, badplatser eller caféer i närheten:

Lätt som en plätt, eller hur? OK - visst - geopositionering har man kunnat göra i iPhones tidigare... men då var man ju tvungen att bygga en iPhone-app. Det behöver man inte nu. Detta är webben. Tack vare geopositioneringen blev mina mobil-anpassade kartsajter dubbelt så användbara, i ett nafs. Har du en iPhone så hoppas jag att du bokmärker någon av kartsajterna.

  1. (Skaffa en iPhone.)
  2. Om du inte redan gjort det så det uppgradera din iPhone till OS 3.0.
  3. Lägg till en ikon för någon av mina kartsajter.

Jag släppte mobil-versionerna av kartsajterna för knappt ett år sedan, och skrev kort därpå några reflektioner kring det här med mobila sajter. Bland annat skrev jag att vi behövde 100.000 iPhones i Sverige. Och nu är vi nog faktiskt där. :)

PS. En helt annan sak. Som ni kanske hört är de flesta av mina kartsajter svartlistade på Google sedan två månader tillbaka. Jag har starka indikationer på att sajterna exkluderats på felaktiga grunder med inslag av "den mänskliga faktorn". Det tweetas och retweetas en hel del om detta nu, och Nikke har bland annat skrivit en bra sammanfattning.

Det här har varit två ganska tröstlösa månader för mig. Jag har funderat på att lägga ner, på riktigt. Hela situationen med den feedback jag fått från Google har varit kafkaesque. Det är något av ett ljus i märket att så många av er tweetar och stöttar. Det värmer verkligen.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ny funktionalitet på kartsajterna

Under den senaste veckan har jag haft tid att labba lite med kartsajterna, och lägga till en del sådana funktioner som jag själv saknat när jag använder dem. Här är ett utsnitt ur det nya utseendet på Minkarta:

Först och främst ville jag göra tydligare hur aktiva de olika användarna är. Varje profil har fått en ruta med info om vad man bidragit med. Har man bidragit mycket så borde man ju få cred för det. Som i fallet med Barbro, nedan:

Antalet recensioner man skrivit visas även i anslutning till profilbilden, och på så sätt blir det enklare att snabbt bedöma om recensenten, så att säga, "går att lita på".

Men den allra trevligaste grejen är att man nu kan tumma upp och tumma ner recensioner. Jag tyckte till exempel att Rasmus recension av cafe Sjuans spårvagn var bra, så jag gav den tummen upp! Så här:

Man behöver inte var inloggad för att tumma recensionerna, så alla besökare kan vara med och tumma till. (Och dessa tummar blir sedan ytterligare en vägvisare till de bästa recensionerna och recensenterna.)

Så kika gärna in på Badkartan eller nån av de andra sajterna och tumma några recensioner. :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009 lanserar... badkarta

I gårdagens Aftonbladet kunde man läsa att (ett dotterbolag till samma tidning) lanserat en ny tjänst. Badplatskartan! (tips-tack Mattias.)

Affärsutvecklingschefen på förklarar att: "Vi tyckte att det saknades en bra och lättanvänd sammanställning över alla Sveriges badplatser."

Well well. Jag har i alla fall hört att det sedan tidigare finns en sajt som heter En ganska poppis sajt som hade över 100.000 besökare förra sommaren och omnämndes bland här och här. Och även i denna artikel i Aftonbladet, för bara två månader sedan. Men jag antar att afärsutvecklings-Jan är förlåten; går ju inte längre att hitta på Google, inte ens när man söker efter badkartan eller badplatser.

I alla fall. På finns det 2000 badplatsrecensioner, 500 bilder, aktuell vattentemperaturer med mera. Det skulle vara kul om ni som läser det här vill ta med er kameran till stranden i sommar, och ladda upp några bilder på Badkartan efteråt!

Eller så kan ni använda Hittas söktjänst, om ni tycker den verkar bättre. :)