Saturday, October 29, 2011

24 Hour Business Camp III. Get ready!

Tomorrow at 17.30 the boat for 24 Hour Business Camp leaves from Strandvägen in Stockholm. Once again - for the third time! - it will take us out to Hasseludden Yasuragi outside Stockholm. You can read the full program here.

One thing that I think is super-great about this year's camp is that Joakim Jardenberg and Björn Falkevik will be broadcasting live from Hasseludden, at a number of occasions. So if you're not there yourself, you can still be with us in spirit. The one thing you really shouldn't miss is live presentation of the finished projects - it starts at 11.45 on tuesday. ( will keep you in the loop.)

Since the official organizer of 24HBC this year is the Internet Infrastructure Foundation in Sweden, .SE, I think that we don't have to worry about the the quality of the internet connection at Hasseludden. But you never know ;)

Really look forward to meeting all the participants, organizers and sponsors tomorrow. If you're a participant you can read some of my previous blog posts. Practical advice, and what to bring:
Though the only thing you really need to bring this year is probably a toothbrush and your laptop. See you soon!

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