Monday, February 13, 2012

The state of social services

In the last post I wrote about social apps that are showing growth on Facebook. This time I thought it would be fun comparing what people are searching for on Google.

1. Am I the last person blogging?

When I launched my maps websites a few years ago, blogs was all I thought about. My feeling today is that wouldn't really work. 

This is data for Sweden. It seems like general interest in blogs peaked a few years ago. Now let's compare blogging tools (this time for the world):

Tumblr is clearly the new kid on the block.

2. Has Facebook peaked? 

Looks a lot like it.

3. Has Twitter peaked? 

Doesn't look like it at all!

4. What is Pinterest?

Comparing Tumblr and Pinterest. No idea what the latter is - but it is growing like crazy! ;)

And all of this interest is in the US, so there is a lot of growth potential.

5. Instagram, Gowalla, Foursquare?

Gowalla was huge in Sweden and Norway, but is now dead. Foursquare has peaked (might need revitalization by things like Tripbirds). Instagram is growing like crazy.

If there are some interesting things I've missed, plese tell me in a blog post of your own. Or, uh... on Instagram or Pinterest! Confusing world we're living in.


Tom Söderlund said...

Interesting! You must check out Pinterest though, it's in the same space as Thingspotter.

Erik said...

Christopher Poole who created 4chan said that people wants to have different identities on internet - and that's why twitter is going to survive while facebook is not

Read more here (including video)

Ted Valentin said...

@Tom I know what Pinterest is. I have the internet :) But honestly I still really don't understand it's amazing appeal. I thought Thingspotter had a clearer use. But oh well, maybe I'm getting old.

Tom Söderlund said...

Blogspot is 8th largest site in the world, a bit surprising:

Anton said...

Nice, Ted! But Gowalla wasn't "huge" in Sweden / Norway, it was a micro trend with a few thousand users. Even in comparison to 4sq in Sweden today Gowalla had a small usage ;)

But great post! Keep on rockin'

Tompa said...

Interesting thoughts..especially since facebook is in the midst of their ipo progress..