Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fun people coming to 24HBC

On friday 11/5 is the last day to apply for 24 Hour Business Camp, the hackathon that I founded in 2009.  I have written more about the camp here. 24HBC is organized by .SE this year. (Check out the 24hbc blog.) 

My role this year is as an advisor (and a participant!) so I have not seen the applications we have gotten so far. But still, here are some fun and really nice people that I know have applied...

  • Jonas Lejon. One of Sweden's most well-known hacker/entrepreneurs? Built more than 20 sites in his spare time - though he actually has a day job. An advocate for open data and NoSQL. Blogs at Utvbloggen.
  • Susanne Jarl. Enjoys life when she is deploying code in the middle of the night. Runs, one of Sweden's largest recipe websites. She also builds apps. Blogs at
  • Arvid Janson. Founder and CTO of Hoa's Tool Shop and arranger of Health Hack Day. Does front end design, HTML5/CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, and iOS development. The whole package. Also, check out his latest amazing project, Streetheart. Blogs at
  • Andrey Zhukov. Developer at Toca Boca. In 1999 he started one of the earliest software companies in Ukraine. Worked at Valtech, studied at KTH and SSES. Blogs at
  • Raiha Buchanan. Digital marketing manager at House of Radon. Studied e-commerce at Hyper Island, where she founded the e-commerce site Swedish Fresh. Also been head of marketing for Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden, and much much more. Portfolio and blog at
  • Erik Pettersson. Designer, front end and back end developer. Currently at Improove. Has created Tå and last week he created Pingalytics - a mashup of Pingdom and Google Analytics. (Have to check that out.) Blogs at
  • Popdevelop. An awesome developer team from Malmö. Just created Popfaktura - a sleek invoice payment solution. Have also created, a webshop with customizable skins for tech devices. Blogs at

Yupp, that was just some of the people I know are coming. Sounds like fun, right? I have no idea what people are planning to build. But it doesn't really matter. My experience is that great people is the most important ingredient for a great hack!

This is not the complete list - just some people I know have applied. It is not too late to apply - you can also apply for 24hbc here. The deadline is on friday 11/5.

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Jonas Lejon said...

En ära att vara med på samma lista som ovan personer!