Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tripbirds 2.0 - give it a spin!

Two days ago we launched the "new" Tripbirds. It is now a hotel booking site based on Facebook and Instagram. I think the focus is a lot clearer this time. And the site is instantaneously useful.

I had my first "Tripbirds AHA moment" a week ago. I am one of the speakers at a conference in Gothenburg called "Webbdagarna", and I wanted  to book a fun and kind of happening hotel for the conference. I actually checked out and my own first. I got some ideas, but could not decide.

Then I gave Tripbirds a spin. And the differences were obvious. On Tripbirds you see directly which hotels are happening, both among your own friends and among people in general.

It's been a hypothesis of ours that Instagram images from hotels could give a different, perhaps richer, picture of hotels. And I think it really works.

Checking out Instagram images adds a lot of real flavor. The big difference, compared to all other hotel images, is that these images show real people. That makes the the whole experience a lot more fun, and I really think you get a different sense of the atmosphere at the different hotels.

We have more things in the pipeline. Hope you give Tripbirds a spin, and tell us what you think!

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Ryan McLeod said...

Any change you guys considered using Singly?