Friday, September 18, 2015

Hey Philippines!

Today I'm launching in the Philippines. guides you to more than 400.000 interesting places in the Philippines. Like italian restaurants in Manila, hotels in Ceby City, spas in Puero Galera or perhaps advertising agencies in Quezon City.

I've never been to the Philippines, but it looks amazing.

If you didn't know, around 100 million people live in the Philippines. Out of those, around 44 million are on the internet. 60 million speak English. The capital, Manila (the metropolitan area), has more than 11 million inhabitants. And more than 10 Starbucks cafés. :)

Dig in and start exploring cafés, bars, hotels, restaurants, sushi, pizza, vego, hostels, bed and breakfast, beaches, shops, vintage, companies, golfing, bowling, yoga, bakeries, tattoo, gyms, hairdressers, spa, beauty, nail salons, dentist, health clinics , massage, sports, schools, auto shops, car wash, car rental, libraries, theaters, museum and galleries in the Philippines!

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