Friday, June 28, 2019

Pod interview + New Hotels Guide (my new website!)

A few days ago I got podcast interviewed by Viggo Cavling.

The interview in Swedish. If you listen to it you have to understand that Viggo pulls out the tape recorder the same second he steps through the door at Knackeriet, and begins firing off questions like crazy. I get somewhat surprised and Viggo is quite entertaining with his bare appearance which makes hard for me not to giggle my way through the interview for the first ten minutes.

The we cool down a bit and talk about Tripbirds (my old startup), (the site I have with Jonatan) and my newly launched site Ping-pong-hotels.

At the end of the interview I have a surprise for Viggo: That I have built a NEW website just for HIM (and people like him!). It's called New Hotels Guide!

New Hotels Guide 

The background is that Viggo wrote in an opinion piece recently that he does not like hotels where hundreds (or thousands!) of people have already slept in the bed and used the toilet. So my new website lets people find newly opened hotels in London, Paris, New York, Berlin and many other cities around the world. :)

Viggo also mentions that he is planning a trip to Lisbon and that what he really is after is "wow hotels" or things like really hand-picked hotel recommendations.

You can listen to the podcast with Viggo Cavling on apple podcasts or acast.

And check out New Hotels Guide too, and let me know what you think. Please note that I can not promise a personal hotel website for each and every journalist - but if you ping me I will do my best!! 😊

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