Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Today I'm happy to announce that I'm launching a new site in Indonesia. Welcome to the world, Jam-buka.com

Indonesia is a fairly populous country - it has about 260 million inhabitants. Just Jakarta, the capital, has about the same population size as Sweden. However, not everyone is yet online.

Using Jam-buka.com in Jakarta
The internet connection throughout Indonesia can be of varying speed - that's why I have made sure that Jam-buka.com loads very fast even on slow devices and connections. I've tried to make sure that all pages load in about one second. That is very fast!

If you want to - check the Google Page Speed Insights for Jam-buka.com

So what does Jam-buka.com do? It let's people find opening hours to many types of businesses in Indonesia.

As they say in indonesian: "Jam Buka untuk lebih dari satu juta bisnis di Indonesia".

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