Monday, November 20, 2023

A site I built during a Traveltech Hackathon in Vilnius

 Last week Jonatan and I went to Traveltech Hackathon in Vilnius, Lithuania. 

Vilnius is a beautiful and interesting town, with very friendly inhabitants, and lots of nice restaurants. If you have not been there - you should definitely go. 

Lithuania wants more tourists, especially from Germany, Poland, Sweden and more places. Apart from the beautiful medieval towns, it also has a beautiful countryside (this is what I heard!)

Therefore, during the hackathon, I built a website for finding relaxing nature cabins in Lithuania.  

Or as a I write on the about page: 

"At, our mission is to unveil a hidden gem of Lithuania that often goes unnoticed – its enchanting natural beauty, vast woodlands, and pristine lakes. While Lithuania's cities are undeniably charming, we believe that there is so much more to explore beyond the urban landscapes. That's why we have curated a selection of cozy cabins nestled deep within the captivating Lithuanian woods."

Hope you like it. There are a lot of newly opened glamping places in Lithuania, and I have include these places as well. 

Hope this site inspires someone to visit Lithuania. It's a place worthy of many more visitors. 

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