Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tine Thygesen: Building great teams

I met Tine Thygesen from Copenhagen at Seedcamp Stockholm last week, when pitching my new startup Tripbirds (Hotel bookings for the Facebook generation). Tine is a cool entrepreneur, and she directly sold me on her pitch for her new startup Everplaces.

I love Tine's idea to set up a co-working space for the best people if you're not in the position to hire them directly. And just like Eric she talks about the importance of throwing great parties. :)

If you haven't already signed up for Tripbirds then please do so. And follow us on Twitter! Right now Robert, Jonathan and I are really busy both building an awesome product and talking to a handful of really cool investors.

PS. In the future, you'll see the nature of my blog change a bit. Tripbirds is a startup with global potential, and since my focus is changing, so will this blog!


Anonymous said...

Hej Ted!

Vad bygger du dina siter i? Anvander du nagot ramverk eller CMS till t.ex. sushikartan?

Tack! :)

Ted Valentin said...

LAMP. Linux Apache, MySql, PHP. Väldigt basic, plain vanilla. :)

bstark said...

Tack för klippet, mycket intressant. Briljanta tankar från Tine.