Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Web Startups in Stockholm

As you might have heard I have a startup with two awesome coders from Uppsala. Tripbirds.com can be described as Tripadvisor for the Facebook generation. It can also be described as a new generation Dopplr. We participated at Seedcamp Stockholm and the response was beyond my imagination.

From now on I will not longer be a laptop nomad. This is a big change for me. We are looking for:
  • Great Python-coders based in Stockholm.
  • A great Designer / User Interaction designer.
  • A cool office close to Gamla Stan, Slussen or lower Kungsholmen. We have an super-nice office in Gamla Stan.
Tripbirds is different from all the things I've done in the past; the potential is much bigger (global) - and it's also a bigger gamble. We are going for it 100%.

One thing we would like to have is an overview of all other web startups in Stockholm. We want Tripbirds to be part of the Stockholm startup community. For a long time I've been dreaming of something like Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley or Silicon Roundabout in Stockholm. (= A neighbourhood where all the cool startups have offices and hang out.)

So we started creating a list on Twitter with all Stockholm startups. So far it contains 40 startups. If you know any other Stockholm startups (public or in stealth mode) please ping @tripbirds on Twitter!

Don't forget to sign up for Tripbirds. If you know any outstanding python-coders or Stockholm-based designers let us know, too. :)


tomas said...

Looks really exciting Ted, look forward to see the final product. One thing I am curious about is how you guys have been working with the seo/marketing part of your site wile it's under construction or maybe you guys haven't started that process yet? Big fan and good luck with the transition to an office:)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a big project. These days you dont get a python coder for under 40 000 SEK a month, and that is before social taxes.

Add a designer to that, some office and computers and you guys could be looking at costs of well over 100 000 SEK a month - and that is given that you dont take out any salary for the three of you already working on he project.

Anonymous said...


are you taking in outside investors on this project?

Would love to buy a small piece of the company.

Ted Valentin said...

Yes, it's a big project! So angel investors might be welcome, but you can't be anonymous. :)

Jon Adolfsson said...

It'd be awesome to share an office!

We're working on a couple of new sites this year.

Add me on skype: jonadolfsson