Monday, October 31, 2011

Let the hacking begin

We're are now at Hasseludden Yasuragi, getting ready for the 24 hours of hacking to begin. We've been treated to sushi and some great food, and most of us have marinated in the hot springs for some hours already. If you haven't visited Hasseludden yourself, you can check out Fuji, the big hall where the hacking takes place, below. Looks best in full screen.

You can follow the live reporting from 24 Hour Business Camp at It will be in Swedish for most of the time, though. The hacking begins at 12.00 today, and the presentations of the projects begin 12.00 tomorrow.

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Hacktuellt said...

Jag har gjort en webb för hacking: Det är bara ett hobbyprojekt eftersom vi tycker att Hacktuellt är ett bra namn. Mvh Hacktuellt