Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bonjour la France!

Bonjour mes amis! Aujourd'hui, je lance de nouveaux sites en France!

Top10endroits.fr vous guide à près de 700.000 endroits intéressants en France.

Alors, commencer à explorer les endroits intéressants en France: cafés, bars, hotels, restaurants, sushi, pizza, auberges, camping, bain, boutiques, enterprises, golf, bowling, yoga, boulangeries, tatoueur, salles de sport, coiffeurs, salons de beauté, spas, manucure, dentistes, massage, vintage, fermes, centres sportifs, écoles, pharmacies, auto-écoles, autos ou musées.

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Hi everyone! I'm launching a bunch of new websites in France today. :)

You can use them to find popular places in France, and they work equally good for exploring cafés in Antibes, yoga studios in Paris, hair salons in Marseille or hotels in Nice. And much, much more.

Like one of my favourites: popular bakeries in Paris:


On a personal note: I recently read a book for my daughter called "Målarens trädgård", about the painter Claude Monet and his garden. And now I can use one of these new websites, Top10musées.fr, to show my daughter what Monet's Garden looks like today - through freshly updated Instagram photos. Here it is:

And in case you ever want to go there, you can use the site to get driving directions from Paris. Or "Trouver la direction", as it is called in French. :)

I hope you like these new sites!!

If you know someone who speaks French... I would be super happy to get feedback on potentially bad grammar on the sites. My own french is very, very limited. Merci!

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