Thursday, October 19, 2017

Heyweb - a website builder for small local businesses

Earlier this year Jonatan and I launched a new company called Heyweb. (Breakit wrote about it here.)

Heyweb is a simple but powerful website service for small local businesses, like hair salons, cafés, flower shops, antique stores etc.

These small businesses usually have very little time and money to spend on building and maintaining their websites.

Our solution for these small businesses is a super simple service that creates a nice looking website based on the information they already post on Facebook and Instagram. With Heyweb these businesses can get a website up and running in 15 seconds.

Once the site is up and running, it will automatically pull in news from their Facebook page, and images from their Instagram account. In this way, the website is automatically kept up to date, with no work required.

Businesses that use Heyweb for their website include

Most of our customers are currently in the United Kingdom, but we have customers from all over the world. Check out Heyweb here.

This is what the Knackeriet website looks like. See below :)

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