Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Idea #3: Ipod + Wikipedia mashup

Another quick idea (that I discussed with friend Ben Morris today).

I want to download interesting information - as sound files - to my iPod. So that I can learn about the history of Malaysia or cream cheese while in the car, in the gym or on the airplane.

Then, this is a really simple solution: A webpage that combines www.wyhiayg.net [What You Hear is What You Get] and www.wikipedia.org. A mashup between the two.

Go to this page and simply search for any topic that’s on Wikipedia - and then download the entire article as a sound file to your iPod!

I made a short example about Alfred Nobel HERE. It’s in mp3 format. The info is from Wikipedia.org and the soundfile from Wyhiayg.net. The text-to-speech engine is perhaps not the best, but I’m sure someone could find a better one.

OK. Anyone interested in doing the coding? We could surely get a million visitors a month?

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Anonymous said...

Kanske kan ha bra programmerare till idén.. kontakta mig på [email protected] vid intresse!

/ Erik