Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've sold my magazine websites

Ted Valentin

I’ve SOLD my magazine websites! (You can find a list of them at my company website Ted Valentin Holding AB).

The buyer is Medieutveckling.se - a young and versatile company in the magazine business. I will stay around a bit and help them with strategy issues - which I think is the fun part - but I will not be doing the administrative things anymore.

So I get some money and more time to start up new web projects!

Swedens major business daily - Dagens Industri, wrote a fun article about me yesterday, and it was the most read article on Dinapengar.se during the day. (Henrik Torstensson commented on his blog, as did Erik Stattin. IDG wrote about the press relese from Tidningskungen.)

What happens next? Well, I will try to seize this opportunity to start a bit afresh; I’ve order a Mac and a Linux server - and I might even try to do the switch to Ruby on Rails. (Before I’ve been developing on a PC, a Windows server, and in ASP. Ancient, huh?)

I might also give this blog a bit more love!

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