Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blog intro.

Sweden is country historically known for some great inventions. Like the three-point safety-belt, dynamite, the automatic lighthouse, the self-aligning roller bearing and other novel products that helped lay the foundation for prosperity in Sweden during the industrial age. Thanks to some inventive people some hundred years ago, new industries were created that helped lift Sweden out of poverty.

However, this blog is not about historical Swedish people or their inventions from the past. Rather it’s supposed to be about what’s going on in Sweden right now. Or perhaps even better - what's out there around the corner!

My personal interest is not so much in traditional inventions. [By that I mean the type of things that usually involve physical products, patents and large companies and institutions doing research and development for millions of dollars.] The stuff I’m interested in is rather: new and clever ways of doing business, with what you already have at hand.

Every entrepreneur doesn’t have to be build super-companies like IKEA or Skype. What I think is fun is how people can come up with fun and clever ways of solving problems, large or small, and then work hard so that they can make money - and their ideas can keep growing.

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Anonymous said...

Tjena! Ja ville bara säga att ja tycker du är grym! Jag är en 22årig kille som helt enkelt ser upp till dig. :) Förutom att de du gjort är grymt så verkar du ha en skön inställning också. Trevlig helg! Mvh Patrik