Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blogipedia - now in English is a really fun website that I have developed. It is a bit like Wikipedia - but with facts and opinions automatically collected from millions of blogs.

I released the Swedish beta version of the website seven months ago. And now, finally, Blogipedia speaks English a well. My inspiration for came from a video with Matt Cutts. (Matt, if you're listening, thanks for the inspiration.)

Now let's go explore. This is what the blogosphere says about the iPad:

And here is what the blogosphere is saying about Blondinbella, a Swedish blogger:

Actually there is no information about Blondinbella at the english-language Wikipedia. That's one of ways in which Blogipedia is actually *better* than Wikipedia. It picks up new people and phenomenon much, much faster!

There are more fun things that you can do with Blogipedia. If you are Bill Gates, you can put this nice widget on your blog:

But if you're Steve Jobs, for example, you can use a very similar but just slightly different widget:

As you see, the widget possibilitis are endless! You also have the option to email, tweet, or Facebook a little comparison to your friends...

Go play! Hope you enjoy it!

And, oh, I almost forgot the most important part. Blogipedia still needs your help in order to become a great service. Please become a member and help out with categorizing the texts. There is no artificial intelligence at work here - instead there's the wisdom of the crowds. Blogipedia needs your wisdom. Yes, yours! I'm looking at YOU. Join Blogipedia here.


Znarkus said...

The Ipad is NOT "powered by 1.6ghz atom n450 pine trail cpu" ;)

Ted Valentin said...

Hi Znarkus! If you join Blogipedia you can re-categorize that statement. That's the way it's done. :)

Ted Valentin said...

Thanks Znarkus - and welcome to Blogipedia :)

Znarkus said...

Okay great! Didn't see that tab :) By the way, I had problems signing up (no activate e-mail) with an address containing a plus sign, though it worked with another address